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13th State Senate Candidate Don Pridemore Files Nomination Papers

Date: January 7, 2021, 3 pmCandidate Don Pridemore turns in Nomination Papers

Place: Wisconsin Election Commission, Madison

Press for Immediate Release

13th State Senate candidate, Don Pridemore registers his nomination signatures containing 668 signatures. Those signatures come from almost every municipality in the district.

Many thanks to all those, too numerous to mention, who helped with the effort. Every form submitted was important whether it had 1 or 10 signatures. I am always impressed by all those who came forward, some of whom I have never met and weren't even asked to participate. They volunteered because they believed we needed a solid conservative to take the place of former State Senator Scott Fitzgerald. One that will stand up for principle, our freedoms, and our Constitution rather than be just another go-along-to-get-along legislator. One that will consider God, Country, and family values ahead of partisan politics. In other words, his Constituents

Pridemore 4 Senate, Randy Melchert, Treasurer
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