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A Traitor in Our Mist


Press Release – For immediate Release

Date:               Dec 16, 2020, 11am

Subject:           A traitor in our midst

To:                   All interested in honest elections

From:              Don Pridemore -  Candidate for the Wisconsin 13th State Senate District

Contact:          315 East Main Street, Watertown, WI 53094,

Cell:                 414-550-2175

Watertown, WI – Back in 2017, my wife and I supported what we thought was a conservative candidate for justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. We were fooled and we are not ashamed to admit it. I worked very hard on his campaign and my wife, Tina worked tirelessly to schedule events that would place this “Constitutional Structuralist” in front of both conservative and non-partisan audiences.  We should have realized that when Tina’s volunteer efforts were abruptly terminated without so much as a thank you that something was wrong. We were used! Anyone with conservative values can see they have been lied to. It is crystal clear that Justice Brian Hagedorn has misrepresented himself to get elected to the Wisconsin Court. This goes beyond being a never-Trumper, this is a case of not adhering to the rule of law. Election laws were broken and illegal votes were cast and counted. Justice was not served in Wisconsin.

This elephant is not going to forget. Whether we have to wait another 8 years or support a recall, Tina and I will be praying Hagedorn comes to his senses. My heart goes out to his family, the people of Wisconsin and all the public figures that put their trust in Justice Hagedorn. We all counted on him to do the right thing, to be a model of integrity, use common sense and provide justice for all. But, he let us down!

Pridemore 4 Senate, Randy Melchert, Treasurer
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